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Everyday CX - Katlego Hlongwane

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

  • Do you know why a customer's experience is so important?

  • Why is perception such an important part of customer service?

  • How do you show customer experience?

  • How do you enhance it?

  • What do you need to as a CX Designer, what does the role entail?

These are just some of the questions you’ve asked, and we’ve listened.

August we focused on demystifying what "CX" is and the role of the CX designer. Customer experience is a buzzword and often used by businesses to allude to what makes them stand out in the market. Lets explore what customer experience really is and how it has become a daily part of our lives

Guest speaker: Katlego Hlongwane

Speaker Bio: Fuelled by coffee and great digital experiences. Currently working as a CX designer for IQBusiness. And works independently as a Service Designer.

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