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A Case for Collaboration: The Power of Co-creation

As UX has grown in influence, we see its true power is less about the design itself but rather about bringing disparate stakeholders together. A digital solution involves a wide variety of individuals, all with particular notions of how a problem should be solved, often informed by their respective disciplines. While UX seeks to bring the user into the room, it is also a powerful tool to co-create with business and tech. Here divergent opinions are brought together to converge on a powerful solution.

Sean Buch has over a decade of experience in design, driving change through co-creation that brings users, technology and business together. He currently leads a team of top UX talent at Entelect, one of South Africa’s most innovate technology and solutions companies. Sean has grown community engagement, working to develop UX talent in South Africa and enabling further conversations around the power of design.

In this talk, we cover why collaboration is more important than ever in today’s competitive and increasingly complex digital world. As well as techniques for co-creation and how to foster collaboration, no matter the stakeholders involved.

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